It is my mission

to accompany horse people, to trust their daily decisions with their horse and to guide them on their way to the preventive and sustainable health of their equine partner.

-Nicole Weinauge-

Approach and philosophy

I founded Pro Sanitate Equi as a holistic, comprehensive health concept, the aim of which is to find and treat behavioral problems and/or physical limitations and thus help the horse regain its inner and outer balance.

The horse, its nature and its health is always in the foreground.

It is differentiated in which areas the horse shows unhealthy mental and/or physical behavior in order to convert this into healthy behavior through various communication and gymnastic processes.

In the course of this concept, I work fundamentally for the horse and the own as a team in order to create a harmonious cooperation – not only in the riding arena, but also in everyday handling.

There is a complete independence from the breed, the riding method or discipline as well as the level of training of horse and rider.

Pro Sanitate Equi

consists of the following components

After a previous analysis, health advice includes specific recommendations for: the nutrition, husbandry conditions, therapies, physiological saddle adjustment and training suggestions to build a corrective inner and outer body system alignment.

My approach is to first get in touch with your horse through animal communication and to treat it energetically. In this way, internal and external stresses can be recognized and processed on a subtle neural level. An additional harmonization of the cell tension of the stressed body and nerve areas through a Healy frequency treatment is useful. 3-4 weekly treatments are recommended to achieve a full boost of self-healing and regenerative powers.

Has your horse had a bad experience that couldn’t be dealt with? Here, animal communication and an energetic treatment make sense in advance. Depending on the severity of the stress and the respective reason, the path of intrinsic motivation in trauma release training is usually chosen. Therapy during this training is often THE way to put the stress that is building into perspective and to give your horse new solutions to deal with the stressful issue in order to release the trauma.

Motivation should be intrinsically directed, as it arises from true joy and so horse and human really grow together in partnership. Free work is about accepting the horse in its horse-being and giving it absolute freedom for own initiatives. There are no general instructions, as a lot depends on your horse, its personality and the relationship with you: whatever comes is accepted. LET YOUR HORSE LEAD YOU! Reach the magical moment when the horse turns to you, comes to you and stays with you.

Health means inner and outer well-being and balance in every living being. From a scientific point of view, this means that the central nervous system can organize itself in connection with the musculoskeletal system without any problems. However, the entire body system is often out of whack and irritated due to certain stimuli. These irritations express themselves individually. In body alignment and physiological dressage training, care is taken to ensure that there is a natural, neutral alignment on the outside and, above all, on the inside, as the basis for the overall health of your horse.

In order to form a unit with the horse, a good body feeling and inner relaxation are important. Stress and a high level of goal orientation trigger both nervous and physical tension, which in turn restricts physical mobility in the saddle. “Coming to rest” through the use of certain breathing techniques and movement exercises in the saddle can be a way of emotional relaxation. The result is contact with oneself and the inner center of gravity in order to improve body and seat mobility.

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